Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meyer Family

Adelia's Mess

So I have a queue of not created posts (in my mind) and this post did the first-grade-horror of cutting in front of everyone else. Perhaps it had a buddy that it wanted to keep up with (ie - Lisa's post of her messy house).

As I washed dishes in my kitchen this morning I listened to NPR and let the stories and reports transport me to a time and place where ideas and world issues reigned. It was quiet and informative and I was once again intelligent and witty. There was a good conversation going on (in my mind) of the ills of being forced to have only one child (think of the earthquake in China that killed the only child of many Chinese families) and perhaps even a potential book in the far away future that could center on this crisis. As I walked around the corner to check on my children (remember it was quiet), I found this...

and thought that maybe I could deal with just one child, as long as it was the younger. Sadly, he was lost in the rubble and I'm stuck with the earth-shaker. To quote Jennifer, "Oh the joys of motherhood."

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