Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meyer Family

Adelia's Mess

So I have a queue of not created posts (in my mind) and this post did the first-grade-horror of cutting in front of everyone else. Perhaps it had a buddy that it wanted to keep up with (ie - Lisa's post of her messy house).

As I washed dishes in my kitchen this morning I listened to NPR and let the stories and reports transport me to a time and place where ideas and world issues reigned. It was quiet and informative and I was once again intelligent and witty. There was a good conversation going on (in my mind) of the ills of being forced to have only one child (think of the earthquake in China that killed the only child of many Chinese families) and perhaps even a potential book in the far away future that could center on this crisis. As I walked around the corner to check on my children (remember it was quiet), I found this...

and thought that maybe I could deal with just one child, as long as it was the younger. Sadly, he was lost in the rubble and I'm stuck with the earth-shaker. To quote Jennifer, "Oh the joys of motherhood."

Halloween 2005

At the ward's trunk or treat. Jared is an English postal worker, Grant a green bean, Jennifer the vine he grew off of. I didn't want to dress up.
Pretty Samantha. 
Bunch of cuties. 

Utah 2006

Our trip to Utah to say goodbye to Great Grandma Richardson. We went to Bridal Veil Falls, got wet, tired, but had fun. 
At Heather "Spencer's" home for yummy food & family bonding.
Grandpa sharing his home to all us crazies.
Kirsti in our hotel room. She looks sooooo good. 
This is what I meant about us "crazies". It was sad to say good bye, but good to be together. 

Grant N Nate swimming

My swimmers

I finally blew up the pool the Martini's left when they moved far far away from us. The boys had so much fun playing in the water. 

I left the water running the whole time, I know, not saving anything. But they loved playing with the hose!

So now we have a light green circle in our yard where the pool was. 

A bicycle built for three

This Wednesday the weather was so magnificently wonderful, gloriously beautiful, amazingly swell that words fail me.
I had to pull out my loyal little digital camera that Jared gave me (did I ever say THANK YOU!!! Jared?) and document Spring In Minneapolis.

Here Enoch has come to the door and said, "Put these in you hair mom." (I really wish I could convey the gravelly tone he has.)
So I obliged him.

Then I saddled up my trusty ride with it's NEW seat, hand grips, and water bottle holder (Thank you Stephanie! aka. Sister Bro-a-garrrd). Check her out at 

And put the boys in the trailer for a trip to the library and then a ride around blooming Minneapolis.

All seemed well on our journey until I heard the strangest grating noise behind me. I pulled to the left thinking, "Oh dangit! A wheel just fell off of the bike trailer!" 
I stopped, looked behind me and noticed that while both wheels were still attached to the trailer, it was rolling! Enoch and Calvin pulled up on my right riding solo. 
Whoops! In the three or four years pulling kids behind me I have forgotten bike locks, helmets, water, snacks, directions, you name it... But this is the first time I have forgotten to attach the kids! Enoch thought it was hilarious and after I got over the shock and "what-if" scenarios in my head, so do I. All-in-all nothing but a trustworthy screw and my momma pride is worse for the wear...
We shall dub thee "Old Faithful!"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Emma's 9th!!

Miss Emma Daisie Martin invites you to join her for a 
Birthday Tea Party 
celebrating her 9th birthday on 
June 7th, 2008. 
Games will begin at noon. 
Tea, lemonade, refreshments & cake will be served at 12:30, 
the party will then commence with charming entertainments, ending promptly at 2pm.
Please wear an elegant party dress for this afternoon tea. 
You may also wish to don a hat and gloves.
Miss Martin lives at South Avenue.

Emma turned 9! Well, she will soon. We had her party early so her school friends could come, of course, none were able to attend. Still, we had a wonderful time with neighbors and church friends. After all, Emma had been planning her Birthday Tea for 5 months!
We were inspired by finding white gloves in the dollar bins at Target. From there, we spent some months looking for pretty tea cups and accessories at second hand stores. The games and invitations were discussed at length (Please see May 29th post, "I'm Going To Be a Better Mom, I Promise.") The menu was also a topic of great debate. 
Finally, the night before, everything was together. The decorations and food were finished the morning of. Unexpectedly, but happily, fortunately, providentially, blessedly, my sister Kirsti came for the weekend. She helped a ton. (Thank you Kirsti, the party would not have been as much fun for me without your calm, steady help.)

The party started with a guessing game, charades, and light chatter. The girls were SOOO prim and proper. It was adorable, but after a bit, a little too stale. I had to remind Emma that it was a party and they were allowed to laugh.

Here are the girls in all their finery in front of the table. 
The menu:
raspberry herbal tea with cream & sugar, lemonade, crustless-mini PB&J, mini-corn dogs, and mini-pizzas (they are only 6-10 years old), strawberries, apples, frosted cookies, and petite-fours. They ate like dainty locusts.

Here Kirsti pours out the tea. Each girl was able to choose her tea cup and then take it home as a favor. (Did I thank you Kirsti?)

As the girls relaxed, the party became much more lively. Here they play Pass the Parcel. Soon they were telling questionable grade school jokes. They had fun.

Emma in her almost-nine-years-old glory. Happy Birthday my Daisie! 

Post Script I had a great time. It was so fun to be graceful and girlie. Watching the little ladies ham it up proper was a delight. I may have gone a bit overboard, but she she's my only girl after all. Still, I don't think I'll have the energy to put together another party like this until her reception.

Posted by Jennifer

Carmel beach

It was soooo cold at the beach, but that did not stop some of us from getting soaked. we snacked, played games, and raced the waves!!!! Our pixie gift was the perfect game for all the kids. And by kids I mean ALL the boys, no matter how old. They tried to see who could get the nerf arrow to fly the highest. While we tried to avoid the ENORMOUS amounts of seaweed on the sand. The storms had done a real number all throughout Monterey, trees were down everywhere, electricity hardly existed, we had a hard time getting cream cheese at the stores because it had all been"destroyed." Church was interesting with generators giving us light. But it was still fun!!!

Posted by Jennifer

My baby did it!!!!!

I am soooo proud of Jared! He completed his triathlon this Saturday at his goal time. 2 hr 32 min. He was around #529 out of 1500 competes or so. He had to run 6 miles, bike 12 miles, then paddle for another 6 miles. Get out of the water, & race across the finish line. He wasn't even that sore afterwards. We  learned a lot for our first triathlon, where to park, what to do, where to wait, to get a different kyack, how to drop off & pick up his equipment, etc... Also that we'll need more help next year. It was too much for me to do everything, I ended up being more sore than him. It was from carrying that dang kyack almost a mile. That thing was heavy! 
Jared as he finishes his 6 miles of running.
Changing his shoes for the ride. 
He is the one getting out of the yellow boat, silver helmet, blue vest. I stood here for an hour waiting to take a pic  and that dang volunteer is in the way. 
Crossing the finish line!! I didn't quit get the "finish" line in the pic, but he did it & didn't die! (I was super paranoid for the last couple of months that he would drown or die, something) 
We had a blast doing this. Starting at 6 in the morning, not coming home until after 1. We were beat, but for anyone who has never gone to a race like this, it was just as much fun for me cheering people on & watching people finish! I recommend it for anyone. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

OOoooollllddd pics

May 2003 I was on my mission and can't be blamed for what he looked like.
I have no idea when this was taken, but it has always been a favorite! Look at that facial hair.
Thanksgiving 2005 you look good in that hat Lisa!

Christmas 2005 We look so small compared to what we are now in 2008! What will we look like in a couple more years?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun on the 4th of July!

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Sacramento with Grandma, Grandpa, Jared, Jennifer and the boys.  The weather started cold - at least for Sacramento - on the 4th, but it warmed up nicely!  We played in the pool and ate yummy food - it was fun in the sun!

Fun on the water slide!

Fun in the pool, and out!

Fun in the swing and on the trampoline!

Fun with Fireworks (very simple fireworks!)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in Cali!!

Pancake breakfast was a little grosser than normal. Don't 
know if it was cause I am pregnant, or my food was burned. 

But we had fun with fireworks & swimming. Perry, PJ & Jared tortured the trampoline. We were all expecting to have to buy a new one. But it survived!!
You can see how skinny PJ is!!
We ate S'mores, stuffed our faces with watermelon, then went swimming again! The swan didn't make it.