Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A bicycle built for three

This Wednesday the weather was so magnificently wonderful, gloriously beautiful, amazingly swell that words fail me.
I had to pull out my loyal little digital camera that Jared gave me (did I ever say THANK YOU!!! Jared?) and document Spring In Minneapolis.

Here Enoch has come to the door and said, "Put these in you hair mom." (I really wish I could convey the gravelly tone he has.)
So I obliged him.

Then I saddled up my trusty ride with it's NEW seat, hand grips, and water bottle holder (Thank you Stephanie! aka. Sister Bro-a-garrrd). Check her out at 

And put the boys in the trailer for a trip to the library and then a ride around blooming Minneapolis.

All seemed well on our journey until I heard the strangest grating noise behind me. I pulled to the left thinking, "Oh dangit! A wheel just fell off of the bike trailer!" 
I stopped, looked behind me and noticed that while both wheels were still attached to the trailer, it was rolling! Enoch and Calvin pulled up on my right riding solo. 
Whoops! In the three or four years pulling kids behind me I have forgotten bike locks, helmets, water, snacks, directions, you name it... But this is the first time I have forgotten to attach the kids! Enoch thought it was hilarious and after I got over the shock and "what-if" scenarios in my head, so do I. All-in-all nothing but a trustworthy screw and my momma pride is worse for the wear...
We shall dub thee "Old Faithful!"

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